Holders of the Gold award by Green Tourism

We are eco-friendly

Glynn Barton is a unique and beautiful place set in the Glynn Valley in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We have 13 acres surrounded by stunning woods and fields which are packed full of plants and wildlife.

As a holder of the Gold award by Green Tourism, we are committed to protecting our environment by constantly striving to minimise our environmental impact. Our aim is to ensure long term sustainability and to act responsibly to ensure the preservation of the natural beauty of the site, its wildlife and plant life. We aim to minimise the use of fossil fuels, water and to reduce the amount of waste generated which cannot be recycled.

As guests of Glynn Barton, you’ll be having an eco- friendly holiday without even realising it. We ask you to support us in protecting our environment by acting responsibly and helping us implement our initiatives listed below.


We provide all the facilities for our guests to separate and dispose of their waste in the correct way  at our recycling point. We are committed to reducing the waste we produce that goes to landfill sites to an absolute minimum. We often use these in our Arts & crafts workshops. Don’t lose it, reuse it!

Lighting, Electricity, Heating & Water

All the hot water and heating, including for our indoor pool is powered by a biomass boiler and solar panels. We have installed low energy light bulbs where ever possible and timer controls on all outdoor communal lights. We use low temperature dishwasher and washing machine programs.

Tumble Dryers

We encourage the use of our tumble dryers to be kept to a minimum and have installed a coin meter to try to discourage unnecessary use. We donate the funds collected to our chosen charity annually.

Cleaning products

We have replaced all detergents and cleaning products with Eco friendly equivalents which we use to clean the cottages and which we provide for you to use.

Water and Water Butts

We have our own water supply which is entirely free of chemicals and we ask guests to use it responsibly. The Gardens have been planted with plants that are suitable for the local environment and need no additional watering. We have also installed water butts around the site to collect rain water for pot plant watering.

Tree Planting

In the last 10 years, 1500 trees, hedges and shrubs have been planted.

Baby/ Child equipment

We aim to provide everything you would need when going on holiday to minimise the car load and reduce carbon foot prints.

Supporting Local Business

Wherever possible we try to support local business. We have a small honesty shop on site supplying produce from Cornwall. We also promote several other local businesses from bike hire to restaurants which helps to support the local economy. When out and about please try to buy local to support this even further.

No need to go anywhere!

We have worked hard to develop our facilities and everything that we have on offer for you to see and do at Glynn Barton. We hope that you find that there is no need to get in your car everyday as there’s so much here to keep the whole family happy on site.

What can you do to help here and at home?

Use low temperatures on your dishwashers and use tumble dryers only when necessary.

Use natural cleaning products and remedies- there are some great cleaning hacks out there. Who knew bicarbonate of soda was good for removing oily and greasy stains from upholstery?!

Buy local.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle. One man’s rubbish is another mans’ treasure!