Create Truly Magical Memories

Meet our farm animals
whilst you're on holiday

A visit to the Glynn Barton farm will create some truly magical memories…
Come and say good morning to our team of farm animals with James & Pippa and get to know all about them.

Mini Farmers Club- Free and no need to book

Join us for animal feeding first thing in the morning during the week. We begin with Shane the Wallaby for his breakfast toast- sourdough no less and meander along the path feeding the donkeys, goats, sheep, alpaca, pigs and chickens. This is for mini farmers of all ages. No need to book just meet us at the field.  

Young Farmers Club- £10 per child and booked in advance

 During the school holidays join Pippa for early morning Farmers Club to really get to know them (age 8+). This is for the slightly older children for a more interactive experience with our animals. We go into the paddocks with the animals, learn a little more about them and groom them. These are charged at £10 per child for a 30min session and must be booked prior to the day. These are only available to families staying at Glynn Barton. 

Family Time- £40 per session

If you would like a private family experience with our animals these are available on request and subject to availability. These are charged at £40 for a 30min session. These are only available to families staying at Glynn Barton. Maximum number per family


The Wallaby

Shane our Aussie Wallaby is from Worcester! Aptly named after a famous cricketer (James is a big fan!) this little chap loves his dandelions and toast.


The Donkeys

We have two gorgeous donkeys from the Donkey Sanctuary at Sidmouth. As part of their rehoming scheme we are the guardians for Sebastian & Sweep. The boys love their carrots and cuddles.


The Alpacas

Bert & Ernie our two fluffy alpaca’s are from Gloucester. We took a poll on our Facebook page for their names. They help to protect our chickens and love jumping in, and out of the paddock!

The Sheep

We have 4 Ryeland sheep called Rocky, Zuma, Skye & Marshall. Ring any bells…?! These little cuddly bears love their breakfast nuts and can get very excited.


The Pigs

Toffee & Fudge are our Kune Kune pigs and love the extremes of mud baths and sunbathing. Munching on apples from the orchard and protecting our chickens from foxes.


The Goats

We have 4 very friendly goats called Timone, Pumba, Alan & Snowy. They are very inquisitive, love cuddles but above all love the young farmers


The Chickens

Our farm wouldn’t be complete without a visit to see the chickens. Often the highlight of the morning feeding the chickens and collecting the eggs makes for some magical memories- whatever the age. Take them home and enjoy freshly laid eggs- whether its boiled, scrambled, poached or fried.

Ponies in Cornwall

The ponies

Hegarty & Flo Jo are our two Miniature Shetland ponies. They have amazing mane’s and love running riot around the field with the sheep. They have a good game of tag! If you are joining our Young Farmers Club then you will get to be upclose and personal with these two who love an ear tickle.