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🌴From the beaches of Sri Lanka to the rolling moors of Cardinham in Cornwall this is our Storey…..

Want to know more about us?!

Who we are, our BIG move to Cornwall and what we offer.

😍James and I met when we were 16….. we did the usual School, University, Travel, Working in London and then we shifted gears! We moved to Dubai…for 8 years! James worked in Oil and Gas HR & recruitment for the Finance Sector and I worked as a Buying Manager for Gap & Banana Republic. We loved Dubai, the sunshine, the outdoors, the fitness and endless exploring. I took a Personal Trainer Course we loved it that much! We trekked the Himalayas, climbed the Hajjar Mountains and got lost in Oman. In 2013 we went on holiday to Cornwall. We visited Mousehole, walked the South West Coast path and fell in love. We wanted to live there!!! Freddie was born in Dubai (something he loves to tell everyone) and although his life started very early and in a bit of a hurry he has never lost that energy. When number 2 was in the oven, I wanted to spend more time with the kids. Something that was difficult to do in Dubai. It is an expensive place and my role wasn’t geared for Part Time!

👨‍🌾We wanted to work for ourselves, to have the family time we craved and to share that time together. Something that when you are both working 8am-8pm is difficult to balance, thus we knew we needed a change.

As everyone asks” What made you become Holiday Cottage owners?

🌠Taking a dream and following it through with passion and determination! We love our kids, we love the outdoors, we love having fun. Seems straight forward enough doesn’t it? But it took time. We spent a year in the UK whilst Max was born trying to discover where we wanted to be. Was it by the sea? On the top of a Moor? Or was it farming at home? We saw endless properties that just didn’t fit the bill or the budget.
After struggling to move forward in 2016 we headed to Sri Lanka for a year managing luxury Holiday villas which gave us an insight into what we were letting ourselves in for! I had worked in retail and customer facing roles in Dubai but James hadn’t. Managing guest expectations in Sri Lanka was “interesting”.
🌲In 2017 we moved back to the UK to give it one final go. We decided it was now or never, otherwise it was back to 9-5. We had always put off Cornwall as felt it was too far from family (Lincolnshire and Northumberland), but then we found Glynn Barton Cottages. On our first viewing we saw the property, were stunned at the level of facilities and took a walk through the woods. Who wouldn’t want to live here? It was like being in an Alpine village. Surrounded by tall Trees, never ending greenery and no noise!
🎁We moved in 2 weeks before Christmas with guests already booked in. It broke us in gently, as after we just about managed to survive Christmas and New Year we closed for a month for annual maintenance.
🏗It was hard! Something we could never have imagined. As my Mum kept saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day!”. We wanted to put our stamp on it immediately so its been a tough few years to get to where we have. We are not shy of hard work and manage the business
🏆Since we took over the business we have now won 3 awards for; The Best Self Catering in the South West, The Best Self Catering in Cornwall and Runner Up for Tourism at the South West Rural Business Awards. We couldn’t be more proud of all that we have achieved in the short space of time we have been here and that we are doing it as a family. Freddie & Max are very much a part of Glynn Barton and have a lot to do with all the activities we do with our guests. We now have the life that we always dreamed of. Time with our kids, rural living, space, balance (finally!) peaceful walks from the doorstep and stunning Cornish beaches.
😍We love what we do! 😍

“A hit with the families” – recent press for Glynn Barton

Young happy family having fun while chasing in autumn day at the park. Copy space.

Family fun in Cornwall this Winter