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Green Tourism GOLD

“Don’t lose it, re use it”- In the words of Paw Patrol at least!

Glynn Barton is a unique and beautiful place set in the Glynn Valley in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We have 13 acres surrounded by stunning woods and fields which are packed full of plants and wildlife. We are very lucky to live here and are committed to ensuring the long term preservation of its natural beauty.

It has been eye opening for us learning how much waste we create as a business and as we update our Green policy its super important to us as a family that we create easy and sustainable ways not only to recycle but to also reduce our carbon footprint. As a Green Tourism Gold member we already have in place initiatives to support this but we are always looking at new ideas for sustainable tourism.

How do we do it?

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle….

We provide easy to use and clearly identifiable recycling bins to encourage our guests to separate out their own rubbish. We are also placing into cottages recycling bins in our cottage renovations to make it even easier. It’s helping us to reduce the amount of rubbish that goes to landfill.
Composting- we have placed compost bins in each of our cottage kitchens which use biodegradable green liners. It’s creating some amazing compost for the garden.


All our communal lights are on timers and sensor activated. We are also installing low energy light bulbs wherever possible. We encourage all our guests to always switch off lights, use low heat dishwasher programs (if at all) and to reduce their use of tumble dryers. We have tumble driers onsite which we try to limit the use of due to the high energy consumption by charging for each session.


We are lucky to have installed a Biomass Boiler which keeps all our water nice and toastie for the guests. All our cottages can be controlled individually, and we ask our guests to manage their heating responsibly and to always make sure that it is switched off when not required.

Solar PV panels

Did you know that our swimming pool roof contains solar panels? This helps contribute to our electricity and give back to the grid.


We use Eco friendly cleaning products and there are some great hacks out there which I’ve learnt this year. Who knew that bicarbonate of soda could be so useful. I might have to post a few of them especially with little sticky fingers on sofas! We provide these products in the cottage for our guests to use and prefer that they use these versus other supermarket equivalents.


We are extremely lucky to be on natural water here at Glynn Barton. That said we collect as much as we can through water butts and handily placed wellie boot washing tubs to reduce the use of tap water. We have lots of plants in our garden which are perfect for the Cornish climate which means they don’t need additional watering.

Carbon footprint

Some of our guests manage to travel to us by train but if you’ve ever tried to pack the car for a family holiday you will appreciate its not always that easy- especially with the little one’s who probably need their own separate car! However, we have a host of baby and toddler equipment that we can provide to help lighten the load. From baby chairs, play mats and carrying backpacks we have most things available. Its’ not just about getting to us either. We have got lots of great activities onsite which means that you don’t need to leave every day.

Local Business

Supporting our local economy is very important to us. Having only moved here a year ago we have tried to find all sorts of great and scrummy suppliers to tantalise your taste buds. Not only produce suppliers but local businesses from bike hire to surf lessons it all helps. We have a great list of local places to visit too which we give to all our guests to encourage local support.

Now What?

There is always more we could be doing and as we go into our second year here at Glynn Barton, we will continue to look for ways to create a more sustainable business. We are always keen for ideas so keep them coming!!


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Young happy family having fun while chasing in autumn day at the park. Copy space.

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