Menabilly to Fowey – The beauty of the Coastal Path

One of our favourite walks is the circular walk from Menabilly to Fowey and back through the headland. And YES, we do it with the boys!

Walking with kids is always entertaining.

“Mummy I’ve got tired legs”, “Mummy I’m hungry”, and the ultimate “Mummy I need a poo!”

The South West Coastal Path is full of the most amazing walks and we are trying to give you the best sections that little legs can cope with.

Walk length: 1h 45mins to Fowey and then 45mins back across the headland.

Snacks required: Custard creams (old school but Freddie’s favourite) Malt loaf (slightly healthier option and Max’s favourite) and lots of promises about ice cream in Fowey!

Where to start: As you drive past the turning to Polkerris beach follow the signs to Menabilly. About 2 miles down the road, you will find a car park in a field. Park up at Menabilly and walk right out of the car park. Donate 50p into the Milk Churn at the farm yard. Follow the track all the way down to the beach and turn left onto the South West Coast Path. You literally cannot go wrong!

The walk takes in the beautiful Polridmouth Bay which is a lovely beach if you fancy a secret day out. It’s a great beach to practise skimming stones. There are some ups and downs but easy to take at your own stride.

Don’t forget to look back at Gribbin Head standing proud at the top of the headland. The Lankelly Cliffs are stunning and keep your eyes peeled for Dolphins off the coast. It’s a huge wild flower meadow which is just amazing. Great for a game of hide and seek on the way too.

As you near Fowey take the path to the right for Catherine’s Castle which sits above Readymoney Cove. It’s an English Heritage site which is free to visit and is one of the artillery forts built by Henry VII to defend Fowey Harbour.

Continue down to Readymoney cove and follow the esplanade down into Fowey to grab lunch at some of our hot spots- Niles Bakery for a Pulled pork bap, The Cornish Bakery for a pasty or if you fancy a longer lunch stop off at Appletons. There are plenty of benches on the harbour which is down Webb Street or Market Street. On the way back to Readymoney Cove stop and pick up some strawberries from Kittows on the Corner and sneak a peak through the holes in the wall on the esplanade.

Before heading back on to the path, have a paddle at Readymoney cove and have an ice cream from the little shop by the beach. We can highly recommend the Belgian Chocolate and the Chocolate Caramel Fudge brownie. It is as good as it sounds!!!

As you walk off the beach turn to your left and walk in between the houses back towards Coombe Farm. The path turns to the right for Coombe Farm and walk up the hill. The hill isn’t too long before it turns to the left and then crosses back across the headland. It’s 45mins back across the headland to Polridmouth and the view is just spectacular. Keep an eye out for the swan on the lake.

Once you hit Polridmouth turn right on the Coastal path and retrace your steps back to the car at Menabilly.

Make sure you tag us in your coastal walks so we can see where you have been stomping.

Have fun


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