Planning your first holiday with a baby? Our top tips for survival

First things first, congratulations!! Whether it’s your first baby or you’ve recently grown your family, you’ve already done an awesome job! And now you’re here, maybe thinking about that hugely exciting first holiday with your new addition.

We know that the idea of upheaving your carefully crafted routines or gathering up all the STUFF that comes with a baby can be a bit overwhelming. How many stops do you need? How many feeds?, Are they going to sleep? Am I going to sleep?! BUT you absolutely deserve a holiday.  I once sang “The wheels on the bus…. from Lincolnshire to Newcastle when driving on my own with the boys.

When our boys were small, we worked abroad and travelled a fair bit too so when it comes to knowing what little people and their parents need to have a lovely, relaxing break away from it all – we learned the hard way!!! That’s pretty good news for our visitors because we’ve put our heart and soul into making Glynn Barton a magical place but also an oh so practical place for your young family to arrive at and settle right on into holiday mode.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, first we need to get you here! SO what do you need to think about before setting off on your first family adventure?

Manage Your Expectations

As much as you’d love to head to the nearest beach and bask for 8 hours or take on an adrenaline stoking hike up a mountain, life’s definitely a bit different on this side of parenthood!  Those holidays will definitely be back on the menu but right now we’d suggest checking your expectations and choosing something a bit easier to handle. Going for a place with heaps of things onsite to entertain your little ones as well as lots of baby friendly things to do in the surrounding area will make sure you never have to deal with boredom, one thing to take off the list!

Think About the Journey

Whether you’re planning to go on your adventure by air, sea, rail or car, the journey to get there will probably be the longest you’ve attempted so far so plan it carefully and it’ll run smoothly. If you’re driving to your destination, try traveling by night if you can when your little one normally sleeps (ha).  If that’s a no go, build in lots of time to stop for feeds and breaks and just to let everyone have a breather out of the car.  The National Trust is a great one for this as they have great facilities, cafes and generally they are buggy friendly too. Travelling by any other kind of transport is ALL about the entertainment, take whatever you can to distract them along the way! And don’t forget to pack an easily accessible bag with a change of clothes (for you too!) water and muslins!

Cut Down That Packing List

For your very first family adventure we’d recommend searching for a place that specialises in family holidays, particularly those with young kids.  We had to ‘wing it’ so many times when the boys were little, we’d have killed for somewhere that did all the hard work for us – kid cutlery, high chairs, cots and toddler beds, baby gates, safe spaces that we could just chill in.  So of course, we’ve done all of that here at Glynn Barton to make sure you can relax, fast.  It also means you don’t have to pile the car high with all that bulky paraphernalia kids come with.  As well as the essentials, we’ve got all the games and toys and things to entertain them to keep them occupied for months!

BUT Don’t Leave Home Without….

That favourite snuggly thing.  If you forget that, you’re on your own! Only joking! There are times when things just happen. We managed to lose “nuggles” once between baggage claim and the Arrivals Hall at Heathrow. A quick online order and we were back in business! Everything is fixable!

If you’re feeling a bit daunted at the idea of the first family break with baby, let us take some of that worry from you. Our cottages come fully equipped for life with little people.  Need something you don’t see on the list? Just ask!

See you soon!


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