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When Honest Mum came to stay….

Sometimes going on holiday with the kids can be daunting! Remember the days of romantic mini breaks, lush lie ins, fluffy towelling robes, long breakfasts with the papers and long coastal walks?

Then the kids arrived and holidays took on a different style! We were no longer looking for peace and quiet but places with activities! We are lucky as Freddie was born in Dubai we got used to travelling with him and long journeys didn’t phase us. Add Max into the mix and even the 7 hour drive to Granny’s is actually nice. It means we sit down for a change! Don’t get me wrong there were definitely low points but I got used to it. I always boarded a plane armed with snacks- not just for the kids but for me! Having a meal wasn’t an option when travelling with 2 kids from Sri Lanka to London via Delhi! So suffice to say I arrived at Heathrow after a journey of chocolate and diet coke into the arms of my Dad who scooped us all up and drove us home.

When we moved to Glynn Barton we wanted to create a space for everyone to be able to enjoy their holiday. Happy kids equals happy parents and vice versa. A place where the kids can play safely, make friends and the parents can kick back, relax and soak in all the memories. We realise we are not on everyone’s doorstep and the journey can take it out of you. A friend gave me some great advice in my early days with the kids. She told me to pack in compartments! That means, spare clothes in ziplock bags and snacks in sip lock bags- it saved me on more than one occasion (Thank you LJ!)

You can be as involved as you want at Glynn Barton. Scaling the fort with the kids, playing kings and queens or just admiring them with an enormous cup of coffee as you’ve been up all night with the youngest! These things happen! You get used to sleeping through when they hit a certain age……. then they throw in a shocking night and you feel like the ground is going to swallow you up whole and its literally one step in front of the other. We definitely still have these and it does mean I forget to check the stocks on the ice creams and fudges in the shop!

So, we all need a little R n R in our lives and our aim is to achieve this for all our guests. At February Half Term we had the pleasure of hosting Vicki from Honest Mum and her lovely family for just that. A break from everyday where the family could reconnect. Check out her blog on it below…

A Restorative Holiday at the Glorious Glynn Barton in Cornwall


P.S. Check out her book Mumboss: The Honest Mum’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving at Work and at Home which is free on Audible at the moment!!


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Young happy family having fun while chasing in autumn day at the park. Copy space.

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