Covid 19 Update on Activities at Glynn Barton

How we are staying safe

We are still continuing to monitor the ever changing landscape during the current climate and we are following government guidelines. We ask that everyone remain as alert as possible and to practise common sense when social distancing. We ask that everyone follows government guidelines both at Glynn Barton and in our local areas.

Check in & Out

Our check in times are currently 4pm and check out 10am. We are very grateful for everyone’s support in this. We will try to accommodate early check ins where possible but please bear with us.


Our Indoor pool and hot tub are now open and we are operating an online booking system for private use of the pool. This will be shared the week prior to your holiday with us. The pool is open from 9am-9pm  with 12 swimming sessions available per day.

Soft play is open and please use your own common sense when utilising the area. Keep doors and windows open so the area is well ventilated.

Outdoor play areas- these are all open and ready for action.

Our indoor play barn is open and please use your own common sense when utilising the area.

We have hand sanitiser stations located throughout the farm with antibacterial spray and sanitiser in all indoor play areas.


We are continuing to run Animal Feeding at 9am on set mornings.

Unfortunately, at the moment we are not able to run our arts & crafts sessions or campfires. However, we have lots of fun trails around the farm to keep everyone busy.

Digital Guestbook

Our new Digital Guestbook has worked really well since our reopening and access to it will be provided closer to your holiday with us.

Local Lockdowns

At the moment we are safe and healthy! However if you are living in an area which has a local lockdown or a potential lockdown please let us know as soon as possible so we can try to re let your your cottage.

Please note for any Covid related cancellations all documentation will need to be provided. Our normal Terms & Conditions will apply for any non Covid related cancellations.

What happens if…

If you start to show any of the following COVID19 symptoms prior to or during your holiday with us, please let us know immediately and book a Covid test. These are the current signs to look out for; a high temperature, new and continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.

Guests showing signs of COVID19 whilst staying at Glynn Barton Cottages are required to travel home immediately and self-isolate in line with Government advice. If you are unable to travel home and have to self-isolate in your cottage, please note that you will be liable for any costs incurred due to the cancellation of future guests.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call on 01208 821 104 or email us at

When Honest Mum came to stay….

Sometimes going on holiday with the kids can be daunting! Remember the days of romantic mini breaks, lush lie ins, fluffy towelling robes, long breakfasts with the papers and long coastal walks?

Then the kids arrived and holidays took on a different style! We were no longer looking for peace and quiet but places with activities! We are lucky as Freddie was born in Dubai we got used to travelling with him and long journeys didn’t phase us. Add Max into the mix and even the 7 hour drive to Granny’s is actually nice. It means we sit down for a change! Don’t get me wrong there were definitely low points but I got used to it. I always boarded a plane armed with snacks- not just for the kids but for me! Having a meal wasn’t an option when travelling with 2 kids from Sri Lanka to London via Delhi! So suffice to say I arrived at Heathrow after a journey of chocolate and diet coke into the arms of my Dad who scooped us all up and drove us home.

When we moved to Glynn Barton we wanted to create a space for everyone to be able to enjoy their holiday. Happy kids equals happy parents and vice versa. A place where the kids can play safely, make friends and the parents can kick back, relax and soak in all the memories. We realise we are not on everyone’s doorstep and the journey can take it out of you. A friend gave me some great advice in my early days with the kids. She told me to pack in compartments! That means, spare clothes in ziplock bags and snacks in sip lock bags- it saved me on more than one occasion (Thank you LJ!)

You can be as involved as you want at Glynn Barton. Scaling the fort with the kids, playing kings and queens or just admiring them with an enormous cup of coffee as you’ve been up all night with the youngest! These things happen! You get used to sleeping through when they hit a certain age……. then they throw in a shocking night and you feel like the ground is going to swallow you up whole and its literally one step in front of the other. We definitely still have these and it does mean I forget to check the stocks on the ice creams and fudges in the shop!

So, we all need a little R n R in our lives and our aim is to achieve this for all our guests. At February Half Term we had the pleasure of hosting Vicki from Honest Mum and her lovely family for just that. A break from everyday where the family could reconnect. Check out her blog on it below…


P.S. Check out her book Mumboss: The Honest Mum’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving at Work and at Home which is free on Audible at the moment!!

Glynn Barton Family Friendly luxury Cottages in Cornwall perfect for children of all ages with 13 acres of land to roam free. Located close to beaches

Getting Ready for Reopening- Covid19 Safety & Social Distancing

We are overly excited to be able to reopen and are looking forward to seeing all our guests, both old and new in the not too distant future. The last few months have been extremely difficult for everyone and we are incredibly grateful for the support that we have received.

The Government guidelines are continuously changing which we must adhere to. This can be a frustrating process on all sides but we will try and keep you updated as soon as they happen.

We have completed a thorough Risk Assessment of Glynn Barton Cottages and our main priority will be for the health and safety of our family, guests, and support teams. We have had to make some changes that we hope you will understand and have worked hard to make sure we have the correct safety measures in place for you to enjoy everything that Glynn Barton Cottages has to offer. With that in mind, participation in our activities and use of our facilities is at your own risk. We ask that everyone remain as alert as possible and to practise common sense when social distancing.

Glynn Barton is all about family and making memories. We will continue to host our magical holidays to the best of our ability in our slightly altered ways!


The important stuff….

Opening Date

We will be reopening on Saturday 4th July 2020

Cleaning Procedures

We already had high cleaning standards for all our cottages and facilities, but we have stepped it up even further. We will be following the PASC (Professional Association of Self Caterers) protocols and using Anti-Viral products for disinfection. Due to this we have had to change the check in and out times to make sure we can complete the requirements on changeover day.

We now have a 5-step process in place;

  1. Ventilate
  2. Eliminate
  3. Clean & Disinfect
  4. Check
  5. No Re Entry

Each cottage will be provided with a Glynn Barton COVID19 Care kit which will contain; a Mask, set of gloves, Hand sanitiser, Wipes, Viricidal Spray & Cloth. However, we strongly urge you to bring your own Hand sanitiser too.

Facilities on site

Whether it is the giant fort, maze, swings, or tennis there is lots to keep everyone busy. We are lucky to have lots of outdoor space where social distancing can be adhered to.

Our outdoor hot tub will be reopening on Saturday 11th July and our indoor pool on 25th July. The pool and hot tub will need to booked for private swimming sessions by cottage. We have set up an app and online to make it easier.

Unfortunately, we cannot open the soft play or play barn for the time being. With all our lovely toys it is not possible for us to maintain the standard required between guest use. We have lots of games available so if you would like some adding to your cottages please let us know. There will also be an activity pack in the cottages on your arrival.

Activities on site

We have been a little creative throughout lockdown with the outdoor space that we have. James has built a new fitness trail around the woods as well as an adventure clues trail. Freddie & Max helped build a game of Giant Quoits too!

We will be feeding all our animals on the farm through structured feeding sessions in smaller groups. They will also be available in the fields to visit at your own leisure.

We have hand sanitiser stations located throughout the property

Local Attractions & Things to do

Many of Cornwall’s attractions have started to reopen with their social distancing measures in place. It does mean that you cannot be quite so spur of the moment as attractions need to be pre booked with timed entry slots. Please book ahead to avoid any disappointment. Beaches are open with surfing lessons available and social distancing measures in place.

Our Digital Guestbook has an abundance of adventures for you to find with lots of open spaces and great for those little explorers

Food & Provisions

We will be stocking our lovely home-made meals by Angels in the Kitchen in the Glynn Barton Shop. The local pubs, cafes and restaurants are also offering pre ordered takeaway services. We also have a couple of Food Trucks which are delivering to Bodmin. This will all be available in our Digital Guestbook and the menu from Angels in the Kitchen.

Supermarket deliveries are being prioritised for those shielding but there are some slots available. The Cornish Food Box Company are delivering their usual straight from Field to Fridge locally grown produce too.

Arrivals & Departures

We will be sending out detailed instructions along with our new Digital Guidebook on the Monday before your arrival. This will contain everything you need for your arrival

What happens if…

If you start to show any of the following COVID19 symptoms prior to your holiday with us, please do not travel and let us know immediately. These are the current signs to look out for; a high temperature, new and continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.

Guests showing signs of COVID19 whilst staying at Glynn Barton Cottages are required to travel home immediately and self-isolate in line with Government advice.

Finally if you have any questions on our processes or plans please get in touch via email at

We cannot wait to see you all!

James, Pippa, Freddie & Max


🌴From the beaches of Sri Lanka to the rolling moors of Cardinham in Cornwall this is our Storey…..

😁Want to know more about us?!😁

Who we are, our BIG move to Cornwall and what we offer.

😍James and I met when we were 16….. we did the usual School, University, Travel, Working in London and then we shifted gears! We moved to Dubai…for 8 years! James worked in Oil and Gas HR & recruitment for the Finance Sector and I worked as a Buying Manager for Gap & Banana Republic. We loved Dubai, the sunshine, the outdoors, the fitness and endless exploring. I took a Personal Trainer Course we loved it that much! We trekked the Himalayas, climbed the Hajjar Mountains and got lost in Oman. In 2013 we went on holiday to Cornwall. We visited Mousehole, walked the South West Coast path and fell in love. We wanted to live there!!! Freddie was born in Dubai (something he loves to tell everyone) and although his life started very early and in a bit of a hurry he has never lost that energy. When number 2 was in the oven, I wanted to spend more time with the kids. Something that was difficult to do in Dubai. It is an expensive place and my role wasn’t geared for Part Time!


👨‍🌾We wanted to work for ourselves, to have the family time we craved and to share that time together. Something that when you are both working 8am-8pm is difficult to balance, thus we knew we needed a change.


As everyone asks” What made you become Holiday Cottage owners?”


🌠Taking a dream and following it through with passion and determination! We love our kids, we love the outdoors, we love having fun. Seems straight forward enough doesn’t it? But it took time. We spent a year in the UK whilst Max was born trying to discover where we wanted to be. Was it by the sea? On the top of a Moor? Or was it farming at home? We saw endless properties that just didn’t fit the bill or the budget.


After struggling to move forward in 2016 we headed to Sri Lanka for a year managing luxury Holiday villas which gave us an insight into what we were letting ourselves in for! I had worked in retail and customer facing roles in Dubai but James hadn’t. Managing guest expectations in Sri Lanka was “interesting”.


🌲In 2017 we moved back to the UK to give it one final go. We decided it was now or never, otherwise it was back to 9-5. We had always put off Cornwall as felt it was too far from family (Lincolnshire and Northumberland), but then we found Glynn Barton Cottages. On our first viewing we saw the property, were stunned at the level of facilities and took a walk through the woods. Who wouldn’t want to live here? It was like being in an Alpine village. Surrounded by tall Trees, never ending greenery and no noise!


🎁We moved in 2 weeks before Christmas with guests already booked in. It broke us in gently, as after we just about managed to survive Christmas and New Year we closed for a month for annual maintenance.


🏗It was hard! Something we could never have imagined. As my Mum kept saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day!”. We wanted to put our stamp on it immediately so its been a tough few years to get to where we have. We are not shy of hard work and manage the business


🏆Since we took over the business we have now won 3 awards for; The Best Self Catering in the South West, The Best Self Catering in Cornwall and Runner Up for Tourism at the South West Rural Business Awards. We couldn’t be more proud of all that we have achieved in the short space of time we have been here and that we are doing it as a family. Freddie & Max are very much a part of Glynn Barton and have a lot to do with all the activities we do with our guests. We now have the life that we always dreamed of. Time with our kids, rural living, space, balance (finally!) peaceful walks from the doorstep and stunning Cornish beaches.


😍We love what we do! 😍

Top tips for Easter in Cornwall

With the temperatures rising, the evenings drawing out and the hedgerows, fields and gardens springing into life, Easter is a beautiful time of year to explore Cornwall – and that’s especially true in Cardinham Woods and Glynn Barton. An oasis of calm, peace and tranquillity. Here are just some of our favourite things to do at this time of year:

Visit the local beaches

With milder temperatures and none of the summer crowds to contend with, spring is a great time to enjoy some of Cornwall’s beautiful beaches. Order a hamper from the Cornish Food Box Company for a picnic before heading off to the coast to enjoy lunch on the sand. Our favourite beaches are Polzeath and Harlyn Bay where you’ll find plenty of rock pools to explore! Others include Rock and Daymer Bay on the north coast and Polkerris and Porthluney Cove at Caerhays Castle on the south coast. Take a long walk along the coastline, have a go at picking mussels, enjoy a game of cricket or rounders, or build a fort in the sand – the possibilities are endless!

Our handy book in all the cottages has some great ideas for which areas to hit– or if you’d like further recommendations just come and have a chat.

Jump on a bike

Whether you bring your own bikes along or choose to hire them, there are a great range of nearby routes to explore. The Camel Trail offers a fun day of cycling for the whole family, with equipment hire easily available (for those starting at Wadebridge we recommend Bridge Bike Hire) It’s 5 miles and there is a fantastic hot chocolate stop along the way!

Those looking for more of a challenge will love the mountain biking trails through Cardinham Woods where you’ll find the main Bodmin Beast cycle trail and the two, more difficult, red grade trails Dialled-In-Dave and Hell’s Teeth, which loop off it. The cafe in the woods is AMAZING, with a lovely range of homemade dishes as well as some delicious cakes (vegan, gluten options too!) and scones to enjoy.

Enjoy a coastal walk

Dramatic views, crashing waves and small coves just waiting to be explored; Cornwall’s section of the South West Coast Path extends for around 300 miles, providing plenty of stunning routes to explore – often without another person in sight.

One of our favourites is Menabilly to Polkerris- about 1 hour with little legs in tow. Starting near Menabilly – the estate that inspired Manderlay, the house made famous by Daphne Du Maurier’s novel Rebecca and her home for many years – the route will take you past Polridmouth Beach before heading west on the South West Coast Path to the National Trust’s ‘Gribbin Daymarker’ and on towards the idyllic hamlet of Polkerris. A fantastic route that offers stunning views.

Why not treat yourself to a hot chocolate or bite to eat before heading back?  Sam’s on the Beach and the Rashleigh Inn both offer great menus and are super family friendly.

Try your hand at crabbing

One of our top activities on a sunny day, we love to spend a morning or afternoon crabbing at the harbour in Fowey. Grab yourself a bucket and line from our supply and head on down. Make sure to park at Readymoney Cove (parking in Fowey is terrible!) and then walk along the esplanade to the town. Its about 15 minutes with great views and secret gardens for the kids to explore along the way. It means you can also stop off for a well earned dip on the way back- it’s a wonderful place to enjoy a family day out.

Spend a day exploring beautiful Fowey

It was whilst staying in this idyllic waterside town that Kenneth Grahame dreamed of Toad, Ratty and The Wind in the Willows – and it isn’t difficult to see why. Enjoy the spectacular views over the river whilst winding your way around the narrow streets, exploring the many independent shops and cafes tucked away as you go by.

We love visiting many of the restaurants here, including the pizzeria Bufala, Appleton’s – where you’ll find Italian dishes with a contemporary twist – and Fitzroy, which offers modern British dining using local Cornish produce.

Visit some of Cornwall’s spectacular waterfalls

Only around a 20-minute drive from us here at Glynn Barton, you’ll find Golitha Falls; a series of spectacular cascades and waterfalls located within an ancient oak woodland.

We recommend following the circular trail – where you’ll find information boards letting you know what to look out for along the way – before heading to Inkie’s Smokehouse, a restaurant tucked away behind the trees that provides a delicious range of authentic wood smoked BBQ dishes. Highly recommended!

Enjoy Cornwall’s magnificent gardens

We couldn’t write about Cornwall at this time of year without mentioning the many beautiful gardens around the county which burst into colour during spring. See the spectacular Magnolias, Camelias and array of spring flowers transform the landscapes into a sea of colour at some of our favourites that include Caerhays Castle, Trewithen, Pencarrow, and the Lost Gardens of Heligan.

Nearby events

Still stuck for ideas? No problem, here are just some of the events taking place nearby during the Easter holidays:

Easter at Eden: 28th March – 19th April

Practise your pouncing, drumming and balancing skills at the wildlife playground or follow the springtime trail with yummy chocolate treats.

Paradise Park: 28th March – 19th April

Take on the Easter Golden Egg Challenge around the park and claim your chocolate reward!

The Lost Gardens of Heligan:  Starting 28th March

Explore the delights of Heligan in spring by following the story trail that includes crafts and outdoor games, as well as the opportunity to meet new-born lambs and other rare breed animals.

Newquay Zoo: 28th March – 13th April

Complete the Eggstreme Easter Egg Trail and claim your chocolate treat.

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt at Trerice: 28th March – 13th April

Celebrate spring with a nature-themed Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt around the garden! Follow the clues and finish your adventure with a Cadbury treat at the end.

We’ve won South West Gold!

Last night we headed to Exeter Cathedral where we enjoyed a fantastic evening at the South West Tourism Awards.

Having been chosen as a finalist in the Self-Catering Accommodation of the Year category, it was a nervous wait to hear the results – however we’re thrilled to announce we were awarded gold!

Judges described Glynn Barton as ‘A Garden of Eden for young families’- something that we are hugely proud of.

Holidaying here is all about getting outside and enjoying back to nature activities like den building, feeding our many animals, playing on our giant fort, toasting marshmallows around the campfire and generally enjoying time together.

As gold winners in the self-catering accommodation category, we will now go on to be nominated for the national VisitEngland awards which take place this summer.

February fun at Glynn Barton

Stunning scenery, empty beaches, fantastic restaurants and much, much more, February half term is a great time of year to visit Cornwall. Here are just some of the things to look forward to during your stay.

Explore the forest

Whether you head into Cardinham Woods to explore the many walking or mountain biking trails available, take part in our fun forest activities that range from den building to toasting marshmallows on a campfire, or enjoy the onsite facilities that include an indoor heated swimming pool, soft play barn, giant outdoor fort and maze, you’ll find plenty to see and do right on your doorstep here at Glynn Barton.

Visit some of Cornwall’s top attractions

From ice skating at the Eden Project, to travelling by steam on Bodmin and Wenford Railway, exploring the Lost Gardens of Heligan to heading underground at Carnglaze Caverns, there’s no shortage of fantastic places to visit. On those wet weather days, why not head to Newquay Aquarium or let the kids let off some steam at Kidz World? The National Maritime Museum in Falmouth is well worth a visit too.

Discover Cornwall’s heritage

Found at various stunning locations across the county, the castles of Cornwall offer an interesting insight into the area’s history. Tintagel Castle is steeped in legend and mystery and is said to be the birthplace of King Arthur, whilst the nearby Restormel Castle enjoys spectacular 360-degree views of the surrounding countryside. Further afield you’ll find Pendennis and St Mawes Castles, as well as St Michael’s Mount which sits on an island only accessible by a cobbled causeway or by boat. You can find out more about all of Cornwall’s castles here.

Head to the beach

Centrally located between the north and south coasts, our guests are perfectly placed to visit the many beautiful beaches that Cornwall is famous for. Explore the rock pools, wander along the sand or find a nearby café to watch the waves in the warmth. Some of our favourite beaches include Constantine Bay and Polzeath on the north coast and Polridmouth Cove and Polkerris on the south coast.

Take a trip into town

Wander the historic harbour town of Charlestown, enjoy a coffee by the water in fabulous Fowey, discover the fantastic restaurants in Padstow or dare to visit one of the most haunted buildings in the UK during a trip to Bodmin; from picture postcard fishing coves to towns steeped in history, you won’t want to miss the chance to explore some of Cornwall’s picturesque towns and villages.

Something a little bit different

For those looking for something a little bit different, there are a variety of great activities to try during your stay.

Fancy foraging for your own food? Why not head to the beach and try your hand at mussel picking before heading home to cook up a storm! Feeling brave? Take the plunge with an exciting coasteering lesson and see Cornwall’s secluded beaches and coves from a unique point of view. Or does an adventure on dry land sound more appealing? If so, why not explore the county’s landscapes on horseback or head to Hangloose Adventure and fly on England’s longest and fastest zip wire?

Top 10 things to do when your family stays with us in 2020

When you’re enjoying a child-friendly stay here at Glynn Barton, you’ll find that there aren’t many other places so centrally located in Cornwall that offer such a variety of things to do nearby; you’ll find peaceful beauty spots, fun family attractions and lovely coastline to explore. There’s so much to choose from that it’ll be hard to know where to start when you stay with us! Our list of the top 10 things to do when you’re here should help you narrow down your options!

Visit the spectacular cascades of Golitha Falls

Fancy a woodland walk with a difference? These breathtaking waterfalls are along a stretch of the River Fowey through the ancient oak woodland of Draynes Wood. One of the best-known beauty spots on Bodmin Moor, the scenery varies, from wide wooded glades to a steep sided, craggy gorge where the falls are at their most dramatic; there’s also less common wildlife and plants to keep an eye out for! Call in at Inkie’s Smokehouse after for a well earned lunch!

Put your pedal to the metal at Lanhydrock

Whether you’re bringing your bikes or hiring them at Lanhydrock, the woodland cycle trails at the National Trust’s Lanhydrock Estate are well worth the trip! The gentle green trail is perfect for families and beginners, with harder trails available for more capable riders. Once you’re done cycling, pop into the stately home and its magnificent gardens to unwind and don’t forget a cream tea at the café by the adventure playground after.

Soak up some history at Charlestown

St Austell Bay is home to the last open 18th century Georgian harbour in the UK, Charlestown. When you visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time; if you go to Charlestown, pay a visit to the Shipwreck Museum, which houses almost 8,000 artefacts from more than 150 shipwrecks, the largest private collection of its type in Europe! Plus you can explore an entire network of underground tunnels!

Take the kids on a unique “Glow Trail”

The perfect location to recharge and relax, Cardinham Woods has everything you could want from an outdoor woodland adventure, with stunning viewpoints, stream-side paths and secret glades to explore. It currently has an extra reason to visit for families; the Shaun the Sheep Glow Trail, an accessible trail perfect for families with children aged 5 to 13. It makes for a great day out! Buy your glow pack from the Ranger Hut to discover the hidden clues and finish off with a chocolate brownie at the café after.

Try some of the best Cornish pasties around

When you’re on holiday, one of the big things to do is sample the local cuisine. In Cornwall, that means cream teas and pasties! Some of the best pasties around are by Kittows. Luckily we have some at Glynn Barton so make sure to stop by the little shop to sample his goodies!

Climb up to the Cheesewring

The rugged wilderness of Bodmin Moor is dotted with numerous granite tors, with the Cheesewring among the most unique. Standing on the eastern flank of the moor, the rock outcrop looks like piled slabs, with a local legend saying it’s the result of a contest between a man and a giant. The tor is a mile from the village of Minions and four miles from Liskeard, so you can pick and choose your walk. Keep an eye out for the wild ponies too.

Walk to Cornwall’s two highest points

On the north part of Bodmin Moor stand Cornwall’s two highest points, Brown Willy and Rough Tor. It’s possible to do a circular walk that climbs the summit of both, taking in spectacular views of the moor out to the north Cornish coast. The walk takes you through prehistoric settlements, overlooking the Fernacre stone circle and is just one of countless walks you can do on the moor. It’s a great adventure for all leg lengths – make sure you take a picnic to keep everyone going. Its about a 3 ½- 4 hour round trip.

Have a hoot at the Screech Owl Sanctuary

Who doesn’t love owls? They’re intelligent, elegant creatures and the Screech Owl Sanctuary is an important resource for rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing the beautiful birds back into the wild. There’s so much more to the sanctuary too, with meerkats, racoons, alpacas, ponies and much more. There’re owl encounters, flying displays and much more each day, so it’s perfect for keeping the kids busy!

Take a dip before enjoying some pizza

The sandy beach at Readymoney Cove, just south of the harbour town of Fowey, is great for families. Sheltered by cliffs, the beach’s calm waters are ideal for a relaxing dip in the height of summer. Once you’re done at the beach, take the short walk to Fowey along the esplanade exploring the hidden gardens and secret peeky holes. Find your way to Bufala, a pizzeria that makes beautifully simple, thin and crispy Roman-style pizzas, great for when you’ve burned off energy in the sea!

Ride the waves with Wavehunters

Whether you want to ride the waves on a surfboard, try your hand at paddle boarding or discover more about Cornwall’s marine life on a sea safari, Wavehunters offer amazing adventures for thrill-seekers and calm-seekers alive. Their surf school is situated at Polzeath Beach, one of the safest and most reliable surf spots in Cornwall. They also have a great photographer on hand to catch your successes, or in my case, nose dives!

To find out more about our cottages and when we’re available to have you for an amazing adventure in Cornwall, visit

We’ve been chosen as South West Tourism Awards’ finalists!

Hot on the heels of winning gold in the self-catering category at this year’s Cornwall Tourism Awards, we’re thrilled to have been chosen as a finalist in the South West Tourism Awards.

Described by judges as ‘A Garden of Eden for young families’, our 13-acre site has been shortlisted in one of the annual awards most keenly contested categories.

For us the news comes almost exactly two years after taking over Glynn Barton’s eight letting cottages and grounds where we offer family-focused experiences that are all about getting outside and enjoying back to nature things to do like den building in the woods, feeding our many animals, playing on the giant fort, toasting marshmallows around the campfire and more.

We’re really looking forward to the South West Tourism Awards which are taking place in Exeter on 6 February – wish us luck!


Our favourite Cornish Christmas lights displays

The Lost Gardens of Heligan

With the Christmas countdown well underway, there’s no better way of getting into the festive spirit than visiting some of Cornwall’s best lights displays. Here are just a few of our favourites:

Heligan By Night: ‘The Art of Illumination’

We have to start with our personal favourite! Internationally renowned light artist Ulf Pedersen has returned to The Lost Gardens of Heligan this year to reveal the night time magic of its historic plantings.

Explore the gardens, where you’ll find incredible textures, colours and atmosphere created by the illuminations. New for this year, you’ll also find a unique selection of thought-provoking projections that come to life across the hedges and walls of the historic landscape.


We couldn’t write a blog about Cornwall’s Christmas lights without mentioning one of its most famous displays. With lights both in and around the harbour, as well as through the village, Mousehole’s display is now made up of more than 7000 bulbs! You’ll find sea serpents, fishing boats, whales and much more as you marvel at this spectacular offering.


Originally started in 1986, it’s easy to see why Angarrack has gained a reputation for having one of the best displays in Cornwall. The lights are designed and made in the village and depict the Twelve Days of Christmas with animated pieces that sparkle along the walls, above the roof tops and even in the river.

The Eden Project

Explore the site after dark, making your way through a spectacular avenue of lights to the biomes where you’ll find willow lantern creatures hiding amongst the tropical plants and Luke Jerram’s amazing work ‘Gaia’ – a stunning replica of the earth – which is suspended in the Mediterranean Biome.


With lights twinkling in and around the village harbour, Padstow is bright with colour at this time of year. Illuminated fishing boats create magical reflections on the water, whilst the five candles, angel and tree above Rojano’s Restaurant hold special significance, representing those tragically lost. Home to some of Cornwall’s best restaurants, why not make an evening of it?


Finally, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the UK’s longest festive tunnel of lights at the Shipwreck Treasure Museum!

Families will be able to descend into the spectacular subterranean tunnels – which have 36,000 lights decorating their walls – before meeting Alabaster Snowball the elf and discovering Father Christmas in his underground grotto.

Time slots are available to book between 11am-6.30pm daily from Saturday 14th December to Monday 23rd December.

20% off Spring in Cornwall!

We LOVE Cornwall at this time of the year and can’t wait to share it with you! We’re offering 20% off holidays from now until 30th June (excluding half term)!

Check out our cottages and book your next dreamy getaway right now.